Time to shine, adventurer!

The seasonal adventures continue as Luminous Night makes its way into Minecraft Dungeons. New challenges, rewards, and experiences await you as day turns to night, revealing never-before-seen features and mysteries!

The Tower in a whole new light

Explore the Tower by night, with fresh floors that feature mysterious murals, perplexing puzzles, and a fiery foe that may prove too hot to handle for even the most seasoned adventurers!

Improved features

Up your game with additional quality-of-life features and balance updates! Manage your growing inventory with the long-awaited storage chest or feast your eyes on an improved user interface!

Two adventurers with their pets are wearing Luminous Night skins behind the Adventure Pass logo

Radiant rewards with Luminous Night Adventure Pass

Enjoy Luminous Night to the fullest with the Luminous Night Adventure Pass, featuring additional bioluminescent items such as pets, skins, and more—all available through an extra reward track.