Several piglins coming out of a Nether portal that spawned next to a village.

Lost Legends: Portal Pile

Play the first free monthly challenge for Minecraft Legends

As a messy person, I’m very familiar with piles of things. Clothes, makeup, papers, shoes, books... I’ve seen it all. But I’ve just discovered a pile that stopped me in my tracks and left me trembling with excitement. No, it’s not a pile of cats. It’s rowdier, snoutier, and somehow even loud... ier.

Introducing Portal Pile, the first Lost Legend released for Minecraft Legends, which is out now! What are Lost Legends, you wonder? You might have already noticed them in the in-game menu. These are monthly challenges we are releasing free of charge, for heroes who want to continue the legend beyond the base game or simply put their strategy and reflexes to the text. For each Lost Legend you complete, you receive an exclusive cosmetic reward for your hero or mount!

In Portal Pile, the challenge is simple, but not easy. There is one village, surrounded by three Nether portals. Exactly 20 waves of piglins will emerge from those portals, each more dangerous than the one before it. Your quest is to protect the village fountain until the very end. If it’s still standing after the last piglin wave is defeated, you’ve successfully completed the challenge. Between each wave, the villagers will refill the fountain chest with enough resources to keep you going (and building defenses).

Just like the base game, you can play Lost Legends in co-op mode! So if Portal Pile proves itself too much or you’re just not feeling like challenging yourself to defeat 20 waves solo, then you can bring in up to three friends to fight them together.

Once those portals are history, the heroes left standing will receive the coveted Portal Buster armor! Wear it proudly so the Overworld will know that you withstood 20 waves of violent piglins. It will also strike fear into the hearts of your PvP opponents! What if they also own it? Then you'll know you’ve met your match – and the fun can begin.

Want to exchange game tips with other heroes? Head over to our Minecraft Legends Discord to join a large community of players and discuss your strategies! And keep an eye on our Twitter and for updates about future Lost Legends and more.

Are you ready to take on a whole lot of piglins? Give Portal Pile a shot and see how far you can make it! Simply download it from the 'Lost Legends' in-game menu. I’m still dealing with my pile of not-quite-clean but not-quite-dirty clothes, but those piglins are next!

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