Artwork of a piglin, a villager, a llama, and a zombie

Craft Your Own Legend: Before the Hero

Branching adventures in the Overworld of Minecraft Legends

In Minecraft Legends – which launches in 12 days – you begin your journey as the hero right after the piglins start invading the Overworld. But what about the moments before the hero's arrival? How did the inhabitants of the Overworld experience the beginning of the invasion? How was it through the greedy eyes of the piglins? These are questions Minecraft historians will be asking for years to come. But as we know, Minecraft Legends is not a chronicle but a story, so we can only speculate...

That’s where Craft Your Own Legend comes in. In this story, you get to play as four different characters: a resourceful villager, a mischievous piglin, a laidback zombie, and a cheeky llama. For each character, we’ve imagined what it would be like to see the Overworld through their eyes in the hopes of gaining a better understanding of this world. How each story unfolds will be determined by your choices, so make sure to choose wisely...


How to play

  1. Pick which character you want to play as using the buttons below.
  2. Once you open that character’s story, make sure you only use the choices (green hyperlinks) to navigate. Only scroll enough to read the entry on your screen; do not scroll past the dividers.
  3. Read each entry carefully; at the end, you’ll have a choice to make.
  4. Not every choice has a predictable outcome! The Overworld can be a mysterious place...
  5. There’s no good or bad ending per se, but there are better and worse endings for each character.
  6. Enjoy your time as an Overworlder!
Written By
Cristina Anderca, Sophie Austin, Sofia Dankis, and Per Landin