lush cave in minecraft with a creeper

C&C Part II Stage Show Recap!

Last week we held a stage show on the Minecraft Discord featuring a handful of community members discussing their initial thoughts and impressions about the new Caves & Cliffs Part II update!

This show featured streamers and video-creators JaneyLaney, Enderhusband and WildGoat who brought a wealth of experience (and hilarity!) to the conversation. They discussed everything from the many perils of cave exploration, to how many torches one really needs, what they’re most excited to build in the new update, and of course—whether or not they dug straight down.

If you couldn’t make it, or weren’t aware it was happening, you’re in luck. You can listen to the full audio recording by downloading it right here (file will automatically download once you click the link).

Be sure to listen for great tips on exploring the new cave systems, how to get unlimited lava, and lots of very fun ideas for things to build in both the new caves and new cliffs!

Want to hit up the next show? The best way to make sure you know about future Discord Stage shows is to join the Official Minecraft server!  

Kristina Horner
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Kristina Horner